Testimonial Sjoerd de Waal

Synchronous meetings require clear agreements on paper
Meeting with a team about the status of projects and tasks and taking decisions that need to get implemented. That is a synchronous meeting. All attendees are agreeing on the conclusions and know their duties when they leave. If you note the conclusions and allocate tasks, then the team can make (the right) progress.
Ideation is both synchronous and asynchronous
Though starting as a synchronous exercise, ideation also contains asynchronous aspects. The first rough ideas are generated in a synchronous setting. The first roughs get enhanced, and new ideas surface. When the well of fresh ideas dries up, it’s time to let the results incubate. During this asynchronous incubation period, a handful of ideas are further enhanced and finally develop into projects. Or the team starts over again.
Flxion is an ideal tool for synchronous meetings
Team leads should use Flxion to note the conclusions of, and the reasons behind certain decisions. If they start an asynchronous brainstorm, they can note that decision, add the mindmaps and flipchart pictures to the report, and allocate tasks for further follow-up. This way, the synchronous meeting encapsulates the asynchronous ideation.

Testimonial Michel Van der Poorten

Getting things done, is even more relevant now
Every activity is under increasing pressure. The daily series of back-to-back meetings, make it almost impossible to keep all promises. I advise following the “getting things done” methodology and support it with the right tooling. Then use the same moment every week to reflect on your planning, and reshuffle the tasks some days ahead.
Technical sales meetings often include many companies
The attendants of technical sales meetings are often from different companies. The seller might be working with a partner, and the client-side might also include third parties. In such complex meetings, you need a tool like Flxion to keep track of who is going to what by when. And then plan all tasks, but keep enough flexibility to reshuffle the calendar when needed.
Flxion keeps all reports, tasks and handouts together
Most leaders use a sequence of meetings to progress their projects and duties. Flxion automatically stacks the meetings of the same duty so that all reports, tasks and handouts stay together. From within the meetings, tasks are allocated as agreements, to be followed up by every attendee on a dynamic plan board.

Testimonial Yvette Lim

Transparent communications keep investors engaged
Startup entrepreneurs have many tasks at hand. Investor relations is only one of them. An important one, though. It keeps the investors engaged. It builds trust with them, and have them help to get the first results - or add extra funds. Frequent reporting using the same format in every meeting helps to keep the investors on board, and interested to help.
Setting up frequent meetings is so easy in Flxion
Flxion helps you set up a meeting, define the agenda, and invite the investor to view the report during the meeting. Add all the info, such as the latest P&L and the updated cash plan. By the end of the meeting, write down all your promises as tasks. Next time, click the “+” button. Add the latest info, review the previous tasks, and even refer back to the old meeting reports in a few clicks.
Regular reporting doubles the investor’s ROI
As an investor, you should ask your startup to inform you on a regular basis, using the same format all the time. That way, you get a better understanding of the project, and you can really help where needed. Research has proven regular reporting to double the investor’s ROI.
Why investors should have their startups use Flxion
Because it is very, very easy to keep track of all the promises from your startups. They each get one stack of reports, that is gradually expanding every time you have a new meeting. All the information stays together all the time. Every meeting has the same agenda. The startup entrepreneur can preload their P&L and cash flow statements, so you start the meeting well prepared.

Testimonial Mieke Van Snick

Keeping track of the decisions
I am the core administrative person for many teams. In the current situation, my colleagues work from home, so our meetings are online. For me it is very important to be able to keep track of the decisions in each of the online meetings, and to understand what tasks are expected to be ready by when - and by who. That information is always available at once in the online reports.
Easy to Use
I don’t know how I could do without Flxion in these strange times. Flxion helps me keep the overview on my work. I can review every meeting online, see what the decision was that lead to a certain task, and clearly understand what is expected from me - and from the others. Moreover, the reports of consecutive meetings are kept together with the tasks, so we can follow-up on tasks that take a bit more time too.

Testimonial Anu Tähemaa

Start your online meetings 10 minutes past the hour
Online meetings require a new discipline. Participants often run late, looking for the link or setting up cam and audio. Plan your meeting 5-10 minutes after the hour, e.g. start at 9h10. And, finish 5 min before the hour, e.g. 9h55. Since most people will book the entire hour in their calendar, chances are that you can start on time. Also, do let them know that you already open the meeting room on the hour to socialize.
Online meetings should be very short
The most effective online meetings take 31 to 45 minutes. The shorter, the better. Behind their web cam people seem to be locked into their seat. Some even forget to breathe deeply. So switch hosts. Create short energy breaks, or make people laugh. It does help to activate your audience: ask them to change their position, take a deep breath, or drink a glass of water.

Testimonials Christophe Eggen

How to make your sales force immune to corona
The ‘wining and dining’ times are over. Every lead and every hour counts now more than ever. Your team’s difference can be made in each online call with a prospect. Your sales get one hour - or less. Have them prepare a clear agenda. Have them take and share notes during the call, for instant needs alignment. And, ensure there is a ‘hook’ at the end of the meeting to a follow-up call.
How to get more results from sales management meetings
In these times of home working, one might easily lose sight on some salespeople. Sales managers need to be on top. Be sure to prepare the sales management meeting with a shared agenda, and have each team member add their preparations beforehand. Take notes and share the notes live with the entire team. No excuses later on. Finally, be sure to confirm all agreed tasks. And have the team follow-up on them.

Testimonials Toon (DPO Pro)

Easy follow-up of many stakeholder meetings
As an external Data Protection Officer (DPO) for SMEs, I am coordinating the privacy processes for various clients. For each client I have to get in touch with many external stakeholders, such as web builders, communications agencies, suppliers, etc. The contact with each of the external stakeholders is rather short, but yet, I have to ensure that they understand what information and what documents I need to receive from them – and be sure they do as we agreed. That’s why I need Flxion.
A mix of internal meetings and external calls
The challenge for every DPO is to keep track of a large amount of small meetings and calls, both with internal managers, as with external suppliers. After every meeting with these non-experts, I want to be sure that everyone has the same clear understanding of the why and what that we agreed upon. I also want to ensure all participants send me their information back in time – and when I need to share documents during a call, I want to be sure they can find that info right away.
Very quick inclusion of external stakeholders
As a DPO, I need to include a series of external suppliers and data processors, and I do not have the time – and the authority - to open up the company IT systems of my clients and give these external stakeholders a secure access to the right reports, todo-lists, and documents. I like Flxion, because I only need to enter the e-mail address of the external contacts to include them in my meeting and give them access to all the information and todo’s in one place.
Data are stored in Europe
I really appreciate it that companies store their data in Europe. As a data privacy expert, I am probably more delicate on this matter. But I also see an increasing interest both from authorities and from business people to be careful with their data and to prefer European information systems. Flxion is hosted near the European financial headquarters in Frankfurt (DE) on secure servers, and that is a great plus for me.

Testimonials Jan Lagast

A huge time-saver for this busy advisor
Whatever meeting I have, I always liked to share a small report with concrete todo’s for all the attendees once the meeting is over. But since I am running from one meeting to the other, many of those small reports are still awaiting fifteen extra minutes of my time. Now I share my notes with the attendees during the meeting. By the end of the meeting, the report is ready, and we all know what was agreed. This is such a time-saver !
Flxion is ‘on’ screen all the time
I think I use Flxion between three and five times a day. From the online coffee with an old network contact, over meetings with clients and prospects, all the way to board meetings and general assemblies. In every meeting I witness the benefits. All the attendants see the report being built up, so they can immediately reflect on nuances, decisions, and tasks. And afterwards all the preparations, notes, and tasks remain accessible for everyone - even if they work in a different company and have no access to our IT systems.
It’s sooooooo easy
It is so easy to start live-sharing a meeting report. I open a new report, edit its title, and add the attendants. I either select them from my previous list, or add their e-mail address and ready. They get the invite, accept the terms, and drop into the report at once. They can read the agenda, follow my report writing, debate the nuances, and understand who does what by when before the meeting is over.
Pay per use is a cheap start
I like the idea that you pay per use. Whatever the use, I never pay more than needed. On the other hand, now that I am sharing more and more meeting preparations, and my use of Flxion gets much more intense, I am happy that Flxion also offers a monthly subscription that includes all the options I need. If I see how much more efficient I got, the couple of euro per month is a no-brainer in my P&L.

Testimonials Ove De Backer

Project management consultancy is about 'getting things done'
As a project management consultant specialised in the complexity of vast project portfolios for mid- and large-sized companies, I have many meetings with one main goal: get into action right away, when the meeting is over. Running in and out many meetings per day, it is crucial for my output and my results to take notes immediately, ensure we are all on the same plate, and agree on 'who does what’ before the end of each meeting.
Pre-sales, advisory, and scrum meetings
As an external project management coach, I am confronted with a variety of meetings. From pre-sales, over management advisory, to detailed daily scrum meetings. For a series of customers, and a variety of teams. They all have one main goal in common: we have to start 'getting things done' right after the meeting. That’s why I now share a small report in each and every meeting - and I invite my clients to do the same.
No need to login on various IT systems
As an external project management consultant, I need an immediate access to the team meeting reports of all my clients. But, I do not need access to their corporate IT systems. With Flxion I now have access to the full meeting minutes and the tasks of each of the teams that I coach. And, of course, each team has only access to their own reports - they cannot read the other companies’ reports.
I can start off right away with each client
The subscription of Flxion is so cheap, that I do not mind paying some credits for each of my clients. After five meetings, I only spent 1 euro. That is a lot cheaper than a mobile phone call, so why bother with the financials. It is much more important that I can start right away with every client, without them having to first ask permission to their bosses. And we get into action right after the first meeting. Yes !