You only pay per use


No subscription.
First 50 credits for free.

(*) Price per credit for 1 attendee in 1 meeting.
(**) Price per purchase of 100 credits. VAT exclusive.

Or you can order one of these subscription packs, with more options, more storage, and more support.

Flxion Continuous Icon


5per month

  • 75/month
  • 10 GB
  • € 0,1/credit
  • € 1/GB
  • X
  • Charged by 3rd party
  • X
  • X
  • X


Flxion Pricing Corporate Icon


75per month

  • 250/month
  • 100 GB
  • € 0,1/credit
  • € 1/10 GB
  • Charged by 3rd party

Ordering conditions:
All rates are VAT exclusive. For Belgian clients, 21% VAT is added. 0% VAT in other EU countries.
Your credit card will be charged monthly based on subscription and actual credit/storage usage.

  • Pay per use is a cheap start
    I like the idea that you pay per use. Whatever the use, I never pay more than needed. On the other hand, now that I am sharing more and more meeting preparations, and my use of Flxion gets much more intense, I am happy that Flxion also offers a monthly subscription that includes all the options I need. If I see how much more efficient I got, the couple of euro per month is a no-brainer in my P&L.
    Jan Lagast
  • Flxion Over De Backer Multi Pro
    I can start off right away with each client
    The subscription of Flxion is so cheap, that I do not mind paying some credits for each of my clients. After five meetings, I only spent 1 euro. That is a lot cheaper than a mobile phone call, so why bother with the financials. It is much more important that I can start right away with every client, without them having to first ask permission to their bosses. And we get into action right after the first meeting. Yes !
    Ove De Backer