Flxion is ‘on screen’ all the time

I think I use Flxion between three and five times a day. From the online coffee with an old network contact, over meetings with clients and prospects, all the way to board meetings and general assemblies. In every meeting I witness the benefits. All the attendants see the report being built up, so they can immediately reflect on nuances, decisions, and tasks. And afterwards all the preparations, notes, and tasks remain accessible for everyone – even if they work in a different company and have no access to our IT systems.

Jan Lagast is the founding father of ImpactBuilders. At ImpactBuilders Advisory & Coaching, Jan is a senior management advisor. In the division of Ideation & Venturing, he is the main Vision Architect, as well as a major investor in many of the startups that are created and grown by ImpactBuilders.