Questions & answers

A: Improve the outcome of every client meeting

Three things can improve the cooperation with your client

  1. mutual understanding on the needs
  2. mutual understanding of all decisions
  3. clear and agreed actions

With Flxion you can easily make a little report during the client meeting, and share it live on the beamer, or at the side of your video call – on a tablet or on a separate screen. That way, the needs are expressed visually for both parties, and all decisions are put in writing – and agreed upon. That way, you move forward much faster, and avoid to circle around because of some half-understood wording.

A: There are four main reasons to buy

There are four reasons to start using Flxion, in order to improve your consultancy business:

  • the recurring gross margin will increase
  • clients will be more happy, and more inclined to endorse you
  • the consultants will focus more on the contents of their work
  • the consultants will be happier, and tell their friends to join your firm

The key reason is that you get a much better and faster agreement between your consultants and their clients. Both parties understand each other much better, when intakes, advice, conclusions, next steps, and tasks are written down and shared live during the client meeting.  That way, the cooperation consultant-client will more quickly lead to the right results for the client, and this means clients will be happier, consultants will feel more appreciated, and that’s good for the money too.

A: Because Flxion is designed to do only this

Teams is a decent system to set up and host online meetings within the walls of one organisation and its corporate IT infrastructure. With some time and effort from the IT department, you could expand your Teams environment to the point it might offer some similar functions to Flxion. But even then, it would require much more manipulations and a basic IT understanding from the users, to start working with it. We do not know that many staff members that are willing to spend some IT’ish hours right before they start a meeting, so unless you spend the effort to setting up a semi-automated Flxion-like Teams environment, you will not enjoy the ride.

A: Flxion is made for report writing with and by externals, consultants, freelancers – and that can co-exist perfectly with Teams

Moreover, as soon as you want to incorporate outsiders and freelancers within your meetings, then Flxion has no competition. But hey, why would this be an issue? Use your Teams account to invite the others, and host the video meeting. And add a Flxion report to the side on a tablet or on a second screen, so that you gain more bandwidth, and the screen remains free for the faces to be shown. That way, Flxion and Teams work together in perfect harmony, and you reap the benefits of both worlds.

A: Of course ! We are Europeans.

Flxion is made in Europe, hosted in Europe, and (mainly) offered to Europeans. Our main hosting supplier is the secure IBM infrastructure in Frankfurt (Germany). So unless you make a copy of your screen and upload it to a social network outside Europe, your information always remains inside the boundaries of the European Union.