To get all fluid team meetings into action

Fluid and hybrid team meetings are on the rise

Fluid and hybrid are the future. That’s what is written in the first investor memorandum. Did we know how fast that future would be among us … recently we see a major shift from classic office working towards hybrid combinations of home and office working. We also witness an increase in the number of people that are not dedicating their work time to one company only. Moreover, although discretionary advisory services were economically hit for a while, there is a new interest in hiring part-time experts without any team integration.

Flxion Vision
“Online meetings seem to be efficient, but be aware … a lot of the necessary informal communications are lost”

Online meetings might seem more efficient, but there are some downsides

There are two main issues: we are quickly losing physical contact, and there is much less bandwidth in the meeting communication. Although Flxion cannot solve the physical contact issue, it solves the bandwidth issue very well.


Why is that so important?

  • In physical meetings each attendant has a wide “radar” to scan the meeting participants, read documents that are shared, look at a presentation or write on the whiteboard. In online meetings this radar is reduced to a 13” to 15” screen. That way, a lot of the classic formal and informal communications are drastically reduced.
  • Each participant also has a ‘before and after’ informal contact with the other attendees, so nuances and missing information can be captured at the coffee machine or when passing each other’s desks. This informal network is completely gone when moving over to video meetings.
  • Physical meetings tend to be less sharply scheduled as the online ones. There is more time between two physical meetings to take some extra notes, ask questions about nuances, add tasks. Often, the meeting lead of an online meeting is running to the next meeting, without clearly stating any conclusions and agreeing on tasks to be done.
  • Online meetings are much more tiring than physical ones, because of the extra concentration and higher pace that is introduced by the digital format, that does not easily stimulate little breaks and a real pause.
  • Also in physical meetings, some participants tend to hide behind their notebook, pretending to be actively participating. In physical meetings the proximity to the whiteboard or the meeting lead, can compensate. In online meetings this is almost impossible, since one can easily switch off the cam, pretending the kids or the cats are running around.

Flxion increases agreement, transparancy, nuances … and action

Thanks to Flxion, all attendees are able to follow the conclusions of the meeting on their own device, read or browse through the documents and powerpoints that are shared at their own convenience, and see whatever notes the meeting lead is taking or tasks the lead is allocating to them. That increases the meeting transparancy, and stimulates the debate about nuances in the conclusions and decisions. If one wants to reach the level of agreement that is needed to have everyone take up their responsibilities, it is key that everyone is able to understand and discuss all the notes that are relevant for them.

Flxion allows to live-share the writing of minutes while not reducing the bandwidth of the meeting. One can follow the report on their own tablet or smartphone, while being able to still see the other attendees or the screens that are shared on their notebook. This increases the active participation as it stimulates the written agreement on conslusions and tasks.


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“Flxion helps reach the level of agreement for everyone to take up their responsibiliteis”