Regular reporting doubles the investor’s ROI

As an investor, you should ask your startup to inform you on a regular basis, using the same format all the time. That way, you get a better understanding of the project, and you can really help where needed. Research has proven regular reporting to double the investor’s ROI.

Why investors should have their startups use Flxion

Because it is very, very easy to keep track of all the promises from your startups. They each get one stack of reports, that is gradually expanding every time you have a new meeting. All the information stays together all the time. Every meeting has the same agenda. The startup entrepreneur can preload their P&L and cash flow statements, so you start the meeting well prepared.

Yvette Lim

Yvette Lim is the founder and CEO of Kwik Look, a Singapore-based startup that has developed a simple yet powerful online cash flow evaluation tool. This tool helps entrepreneurs understand the potential cash flow & risks associated with their new business idea — as
from the very first moment of the idea creation all the way to recurrent investor reporting.

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