Sales meet prospect

Better chances when sharing notes, tasks, and info

Flxion Meeting Sales Meet Prospect@2x

Sales meetings are often way too informal. Nice chat. Good vibes. But … what’s next? And did the client really understand what you were telling them – and vice versa. Take some notes that you share visually during the meeting. The client appreciates your professionalism, and both parties will better understand what the needs of the clients are – and how you promise to fulfill them. Finally, end the meeting with a task for both parties – so you know there is always a ‘next time’.


  • ensure both parties better understand what is asked for
  • add a todo, and get your prospect moving
  • the handouts stay within reach of the client

(*) the first 50 attendees can live-view your minute writing for free – check the pricing page for extra credits and promo bundles.

Flxion gets all prospection meetings into action
  1. Announce that you are going to write down some conclusions and share them. You are a pro!
  2. Have the client live-view what you write down, and debate over the nuances – and really listen.
  3. Let the client add their preparations to the meeting. You’ll never lose them afterwards.
  4. Add your own commercial info, powerpoints, demo reports, … they now are at the client’s fingertips.
  5. Add a todo for you – send the client xyz – and also add a todo for the client.
  6. Right after the meeting, both sides of the transaction have a common ground for the future.
  7. And all can get back to the original report and the original annexes to review these talks.
Flxion Tip@2x

use the client’s beamer to share the presentation with all the attendants, and get a more active participation.