Transparent communications keep investors engaged

Startup entrepreneurs have many tasks at hand. Investor relations is only one of them. An important one, though. It keeps the investors engaged. It builds trust with them, and have them help to get the first results – or add extra funds. Frequent reporting using the same format in every meeting helps to keep the investors on board, and interested to help.

Setting up frequent meetings is so easy in Flxion

Flxion helps you set up a meeting, define the agenda, and invite the investor to view the report during the meeting. Add all the info, such as the latest P&L and the updated cash plan. By the end of the meeting, write down all your promises as tasks. Next time, click the ā€œ+ā€ button. Add the latest info, review the previous tasks, and even refer back to the old meeting reports in a few clicks.

Yvette Lim

Yvette Lim is the founder and CEO of Kwik Look, a Singapore-based startup that has developed a simple yet powerful online cash flow evaluation tool. This tool helps entrepreneurs understand the potential cash flow & risks associated with their new business idea ā€” as
from the very first moment of the idea creation all the way to recurrent investor reporting.

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