Sjoerd De Waal

Sjoerd de Waal is a renowned management trainer and leadership coach, with a vast experience in various meeting formats and creativity techniques. More info: www.trainnovation.nl

Michel Van der Poorten

Michel Van der Poorten has been active in IT for over 30 years in different roles and different industries. He mainly focuses on how to translate the business needs in IT terms and which limitations may exist. In recent times he’s interested foremost in AI and hybrid cloud. More info: www.ibm.com

Yvette Lim

Yvette Lim is the founder and CEO of Kwik Look, a Singapore-based startup that has developed a simple yet powerful online cash flow evaluation tool. This tool helps entrepreneurs understand the potential cash flow & risks associated with their new business idea — as from the very first moment of the idea creation all the way to recurrent investor reporting. More info: www.kwik-look.com

Mieke Van Snick is the Office Manager of ImpactBuilders. She is the “beating heart” of the administration of this pan-European business services group, consisting of a virtual Advisory & Coaching activity, and an Ideation & Venturing startup building division. All the teams and all the legal entities across Europe depend on her accuracy and drive. More info: www.impactbuilders.eu

Anu New Profile Flxion 2

Anu Tähemaa is a Strategic Advisor for Creative Leaders and Keynote Speaker. She is internationally well known for her unique way of finding out the hidden thinking patterns and habits in every business. Anu uses creative, and universal methods to work with leaders ready for a change, ready to become better. Using tools from Performing Arts is one way to incorporate soft values into your corporate culture in a fun way, to bring people back together so they’d work together and get better results. This is Pure Magic. www.anutahemaa.com

Christophe Eggen is partner of BusinezzBooster. They are sales staff recruitment experts, with a no-nonsense approach. One of the extra’s of BusinezzBooster is that they provide sales training and sales management coaching, to increase the results of the people they have hired. Speaking of results-orientation … www.businezzbooster.be

Toon is the founder of DP Kwadraat, a data protection and data privacy services firm, helping small and medium companies in Flanders (BE) to treat the personal data they store from clients and collaborators with the utmost respect. As an IT expert and a business owner, he knows how to implement the GDPR regulations in the daily practice of a classic business. www.dpkwadraat.be

Jan Lagast is the founding father of ImpactBuilders. At ImpactBuilders Advisory & Coaching, Jan is a senior management advisor. In the division of Ideation & Venturing, he is the main Vision Architect, as well as a major investor in many of the startups that are created and grown by ImpactBuilders. www.impactbuilders.eu

Flxion Over De Backer Multi Pro

Ove De Backer (Multi-Pro) is a multi-project & resources management expert, who coaches several European mid- and large-sized companies to get more grip on the complexity of their vast portfolio of projects.After a substantial carreer as business unit and general manager, he now gets his expertise at work for a multitude of clients. www.multi-pro.eu