Online team meeting

Increase the outcome by taking notes transparantly

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One person in the meeting should be the secretary of the meeting. This person should live-share the notes of the meeting, and ensure all notes are clarified during the meeting. Moreover, every speaker and presenter should easily share their preparation with the team. And finally, all tasks should be real agreements about ‘who could or should do what by when’ and the secretary should write them down.
This is Flxion.


  • live-sharing the secretary’s notes and agreed tasks
  • quick sharing of the preparation reports, sheets, docs
  • keep the full video bandwidth for the body language

(*) the first 50 attendees can live-view your minute writing for free – check the pricing page for extra credits and promo bundles.

Main issues
  • We don’t meet each other informally ‘at the coffee machine’ right after the online meeting,  so there is no second chance to better understand the decisions, or nuance them.
  • The time pressure is bigger than in real-life meetings, and then it seems harder to appoint a  secretary and to conclude the decisions ‘for the record’.
  • Tasks are not being explicitely allocated, and since the meetings are stuck one right after  the other, there is hardly any room for even drafting ones own personal tasks.
  • All visual communications pass over one screen, and that either shows heads or a powerpoint. Less sharing of sidenotes to browse, or whiteboards and flipcharts to visualize ideas.
Issues blocking self-steering
  • Much of the informal body language is missing, so it is harder to tap into bad feelings and hidden negative thoughts that need to be addressed in order for the team to work.
  • Much more difficult to reach a real agreement over important decisions, as the communications bandwidt is very poor over the small single-screen interface.
  • Taking up responsibilities is harder, since the tasks often do not get enough attention to be under stood by the person who is taking the lead – let alone that the other team members understand the impact of those tasks on their work.
Flxion Tip@2x

View the notes and sheets on a separate tablet, so they main screen remains free for the body language.

Flxion gets all online team meetings into action
  1. Appoint a secretary of the meeting. This person should create his or her free account in Flxion.
  2. The secretary then adds the e-mail addresses of all attendees to have them live-view the report.
  3. While writing down the notes, all can see what’s written – and halt for a little debate or nuance.
  4. Every presenter can add their sheets to the meeting, without reducing the video image.
  5. The secretary asks to clarify every agreed task, so all understand what is expected from who.
  6. Right after the meeting, both the report and the tasks are written down and allocated.
  7. And all can get back to the original report and the original annexes to review this meeting.

(*) the first 50 attendees can live-view your minute writing for free – check the pricing page for extra credits and promo bundles.