13 July 2021
Flxi 20210713 Search

Ultra-fast retrieval of old meeting reports

Type a word in the search field in the upper right corner of the meeting overview, and you get all the reports that contain that word in the title, as a label, or in the report itself. Faster than you can blink your eye.
6 June 2021
Imbu 20210606 Kwiklookflxion

Flxion recommended by entrepreneurs guide for investors communications

The Entrepreneurs Guide from Kwik Look mentions Flxion as thé investor relations reporting tool for entrepreneurs in startups and scale-ups.
22 May 2021
Flxi 20210521 Planning Weekend

When planning your next week …

When you are planning your next week over the weekend, you might encounter tasks for which you lack the details. In Flxion, refreshing your memory is a matter of seconds.
23 April 2021
Flxion Vision

Investor Info Session (BE)

On May 4, 2021, we welcome (potential) investors at 18h (CET) to join us for a sneak preview of the great future of Flxion.
23 April 2021
Flxi 20210423 Room

Include your video rooms

You can pre-set all the meeting rooms you would like to use (zoom, teams, webex, whereby, xroom), so you can select the appropriate room when preparing the meeting. Attendants only have to press the "enter room" button to get to you.
23 April 2021
Flxi 20210423 Ribbon Detail 3

Meeting workflow

Prepare a meeting well, and set the agenda before sending out the invitations. The entire workflow from creating a meeting, over the actual opening and reporting, all the way to sending out the report is controlled by the meeting workflow ribbon.
23 October 2020
Flxi 20201023 Mfm

Hybrid working on local radio MFM

Today, we were live on Radio MFM, the local radio station in South-East Flanders. DJ Guy De Clercq called for an interview on the actual topic "hybrid working".
23 October 2020
Flxion Vision

Over 100 registrants

In the week of the press launch, Flxion already attracted 100 users to test its system - as well as the first subscriptions. Yesterday, we had our first client sales pitch and several parties have been knocking on the door to partner.
15 September 2020
Impact Builders Logo Rgb

Virtual consultancy agency to partner with Flxion … and Flxion to boost their effectiveness

The ImpactBuilders' ValuePartners are management advisors and coaches who are helping European companies to get to a higher energy level. They are offering integrated advisory services that bring a total solution for the clients, while also helping each other to cross-fertilise their expertise and knowledge. ValuePartners are aware of the impact the Flxion tool can have on their clients, so that's why ImpactBuilders is providing them with this great new app. Vice versa, Flxion is also improving the effectiveness of the services of each of the ValuePartners. Win-win for both client and consultant.