Let's kickstart you

Here’s how we set you up

  1. Date: reach out for an appointment using the contact form on this page. Provide some details of the organization and when you can be reached most easily in the coming days.
  2. Sketch: sketch the main lines of your organization design concept, and let us know some of the main departments and team codes you are using.
  3. Design: we design the outline of your organization during the meeting, so you can learn Flxion right away, and witness the re-birth of your own organization.
  4. Start: invite a few colleagues and start testing Flxion using your real business context, rather than a fake demo environment.
  5. Order: you like with you see? We get in touch after some days, to check how you are doing, make a proposal and welcome you onboard as one of our new clients.

    Or contact us directly via info@flxion.com.