18 February 2021
New Business Partner

New Partner – Businezz Booster

We are welcoming our new business partner - Businezz Booster.
15 September 2020
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Virtual consultancy agency to partner with Flxion … and Flxion to boost their effectiveness

The ImpactBuilders' ValuePartners are management advisors and coaches who are helping European companies to get to a higher energy level. They are offering integrated advisory services that bring a total solution for the clients, while also helping each other to cross-fertilise their expertise and knowledge. ValuePartners are aware of the impact the Flxion tool can have on their clients, so that's why ImpactBuilders is providing them with this great new app. Vice versa, Flxion is also improving the effectiveness of the services of each of the ValuePartners. Win-win for both client and consultant.